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Can I Do The TOEFL At Home?

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Can I Do The TOEFL At Home?


The short answer to that question is:  “Yes”…  you CAN do The TOEFL At Home.  (That is, if you are in a country that already hosts The TOEFL Exam… [which makes no sense at all, considering that it is on-line…  Therefore, you should be able to do it anywhere that there is an internet connection])…  So, Yes, you CAN…  but I HIGHLY recommend NOT doing what ETS refers to as “The TOEFL Home Edition”.

As a response to the global “Covid-19 Crisis” of Spring 2020 — ETS, has announced that they have a new “edition” of The TOEFL iBT ExamThe TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition.  And what they say is that — with this new “edition” of the exam — a person who is not able to get to an official TOEFL Testing Center, is supposed to be able to take the exam from the safety & comfort of their own home — as long as they meet certain requirements.  But there is a LOT more about this that makes it a HORRIBLE idea.  Watch the video below to find out why.


So What Should You Do?


If you have the ability to wait until the next available time to be able to take The TOEFL Exam in an actual Official Testing Center — then just wait to do that.  There are still dates being added all around the word.


I have already heard from MANY people about absolutely ridiculous restrictions and problems that they have experienced with The TOEFL Home Edition — which means that it is very probable that if you take this version of The TOEFL — you will loose your money, and waste a lot of time by having to do it over again (at your expense) at a normal Testing Center.

So, “Yes”…  You Can Do The TOEFL At Home…  But I Do NOT Recommend It


Have An Excellent Day!


 ~”The Teacher”



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