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The Grammatical Term “Adjective”

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Adjective — Grammatical Term


Adjective - Pronunciation Portal



The Grammatical Term:  Adjective


The Grammatical Term:  “Adjective” is the name for a Grammatical Unit which is used to describe other Grammatical Units known-as, “Nouns”.  They give information that is used to describe the qualities and/or characteristics of that:  Person, Place, Thing, Event, or Idea (the different categories of Nouns).


The Different Qualities And Characteristics That Adjectives Describe Are:


      • Number
      • Opinion — (referring to one’s senses)
        • Appearance
        • Smell
        • Taste
        • Sound
        • Feeling — (touch — including temperature)
      • Size — (often also opinions)
      • Age
      • Shape — (including condition and/or state)
      • Color
      • Origin
      • Affiliation
      • Material

Examples Of Adjectives In-Use



12 Monkeys — (number)

A Beautiful Woman — (appearance)

A Stinky Fart — (smell)

A Delicious Mushroom — (taste)

A Cacophonous Racket — (sound)

Smooth Velvet — (touch)

A Sticky Nugget — (touch)

A Cold Beer — (temperature)

A Big Turd — (size)

An Old Geezer — (age)

A Wide Booty — (shape)

A Pristine Specimen — (condition)

A Clenched Sphincter — (state)

A Blue Lagoon — (color)

A Chinese Virus — (origin)

A Communist Shit-Head — (affiliation)

A Paper Tiger — (material)

As you can see by the list above — Any of the different types of
Adjectives can be opinions, and usually are — regardless of how “real” or infallible they may seem to be.  One may say…

“That chick has a gigantic booty!!!”

And it may be considered to be completely true to nearly everyone who sees that booty.  But that is what they thought about Jennifer Lopez back in the 90s.  Then along came Kim Kardashian.

And just when we thought we had seen it all…  Nikki Minaj…  And then Doja Cat…  And them booties just keep getting bigger and bigger!!!  Now, Jennifer Lopez’s big ol’ booty isn’t looking so “gigantic” after-all, is it?

Besides…  the word “gigantic” is not a definite size — so even if the entire world agreed — it would still just be a unanimously agreed-upon opinion. 😉

So basically, we use Adjectives to say “What Kind“, or “What Type” of the thing that we are referring to — or we use Adjectives to differentiate between other things of a similar nature, or to say what is unique about a particular thing…  Like booties 😀

(A Plate Full Of Booty Cookies)

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