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“Authentic English For The Real World”

GiveMeSomeEnglish!!! is not you’re “typical” English Website

Within the pages of GiveMeSomeEnglish!!! you will find plenty of humorsarcasm, and irony used anywhere and everywhere possible.  This is because they represent “Authentic” English.  The lessons here are definitely NOT like those in any other text-book or class that you have ever experience before…  in fact, your previous English teachers would probably disapprove…

(But then, you probably wouldn’t be here if you were satisfied with what they taught you right?)


“Now… Get Yer Ass To Class!!!”


Grammar - It Sucks!!!

Grammar – It Sucks!!!


Yes, I know… grammar sucks…  but so does a vacuum cleaner.  And with a vacuum cleaner you can clean up your house, so that when people come over it isn’t filthy, gross and disgusting.  With a clean house, you will have MILLIONS of friends who will all want to spend all of their time with you…  and give you things…  and they’ll say, “Boy oh boy, that guy/girl there, sure has excellent vacuuming skills…  I mean grammar!  We should give him/her a lot of money!”  And all of this will be yours because of good vacuuming… I mean grammar. 😀


Lexis Gives You Power!!!

Lexis Gives You Power!!!


No, I’m not talking about the car.  Lexis is the term for all the things that you will need to actually communicate once you know how to use the grammar properly.  Plainly said, these are all the words…  But it’s more than just vocabulary.  Lexis is made up things like: Vocabulary, Phrasal Verbs, Adverbial Phrases, Noun Phrases, Prepositional Phrases, All Kinds Of Phrases!!! — And also things like:  Idioms, Slang, Aphorisms, Interjections, and the list goes on and on and on…  (getting excited?  I know I am 😉 )


It Looks Good On You!!! ;)

It Looks Good On You!!! 😉


So if Grammar is like the skeleton, and Lexis is like the muscles…  then Pronunciation is like the clothes that you wear (Now the pictures make sense right?)  The way you pronounce things is very much like the way you present yourself to the world when you speak.  You can have perfect grammar, have a huge vocabulary and know a ton of different phrases and aphorisms, but if you can’t pronounce things correctly, people (unfortunately) will think you are about as crazy as a guy who wears his underwear on the outside of his pants, or a woman who tucks her blouse into her pantyhose…  Get it? 🙂


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